SatoshiDice Review

Satoshi Dice originally started as the first Bitcoin Dice game and has since developed into an entire online casino offering a variety of Bitcoin exclusive games. Satoshi Dice is the main game of the site, of course, but there are also Satoshi Slot, which is a basic slot game involving Bitcoin symbols and wildcards, and Satoshi Circle, which is based on a Wheel of Fortune premise, as well as several other side games, including the Mammoth Slot and a secret poker game too.

How it all started… allegedly

There is a fun legend that the site is run off an old Nokia mobile that was found abandoned in a subway station in Tokyo. The story goes that it runs from AI technology that feeds off the ghost of the Bitcoin’s creator. It is partially this story that has helped create such a following for the site.

Bet on the Blockchain

One of the most unique parts of Satoshi Dice, (aside from the bizarre origin story!) is the ability to place bets onto the Blockchain directly, using just your Bitcoin wallet. This is in addition to the gambling site, and different people will prefer one to the other for various reasons.


Satoshi Dice games are provably fair, which is just one reason that people choose to play with Bitcoins rather than on more traditional online casinos. They also allow all users to be able to see all recent bets and rolls, and filter them via wins and loses, winning or losing streak and even rare wins (which is great to see how your life can be changed!). This transparency allows players to make the best decisions as they play and know that they are playing a fair and honest game. You are also able to play as the house which is a unique feature and adds an extra level of fun and risk to the game that other casinos do not often offer.

Leader Board

There is a public leader board, and the players at the top receive free Bitcoins regularly, which is an extra incentive to reach the top! So far, more than 4,000,000 BTC have been won on this site alone.  

Help & Support

Regarding support, players are able to access live support chat to answer any questions that they may have, and a thorough FAQ page to help guide them through the process.


For no-nonsense, transparent and provably fair betting with Bitcoins, you could do a lot worse than Satoshi Dice. The site layout and design (or lack thereof) may take a little getting use to if you are more familiar with flashy, classic online casinos but the games are more than worth it.


lincoln casino

Lincoln Casino Review

One of the most unique things about the elegantly designed Lincoln Casino is the fact that they happily accept the cryptocurrency Bitcoin as a form of deposit. This looks to be the way that casinos are heading as they evolve to embrace new technology, but Lincoln Casino are ahead of the curve, and so they are popular with many Bitcoin owners who want to double their stash with online gambling.

Playing Games

To play, you do have the option of downloading or instant play, depending on preferences and settings, so this should benefit everyone.

Lincoln Casino has a huge range of different Slots, Table, Video and Poker games, as well as a selection of games available on mobile devices such as phones and tablets. It is a shame that not all of their games are eligible, but it is great that players can enjoy games on the go. They also offer daily tournaments which keep players engaged and excited and coming back for more!

Bonuses & Promotions

They offer some great bonuses and promotions, including up to $5,000 on your first five deposits! This is in addition to exceptional weekly bonuses available to players and the Lincoln Rewards program. This is a loyalty program with different tiers, ranging from Amber to Diamond, which rewards regular players with bonuses.

Customer Support

Lincoln Casino offers 24/7 customer support via their quick-response live chat, email and a phone support line so players can get their questions answers and issues resolved quickly and efficiently.


The design of Lincoln Casino is sleek and easy to use, and less flashy than other sites. There could be a more intuitive way for players to search for the different types of games (perhaps by theme, gameplay mode, etc.) but as it is, there are plenty of choices to appeal to all types of players.

Payment & Currency

The fact that they accept Bitcoin is a huge plus point for this online casino and allows different people to enjoy the gaming experience using Bitcoin, or other forms of payment seamlessly, rather than exclusively only accepting a particular type. They also accept Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, and Neteller.


Lincoln Casino is an aesthetically pleasing site with a fantastic loyalty program and the bonus of accepting Bitcoin. It could do with improving its mobile games and search facilities but overall is a good all round casino site.


Which Normal Casinos Let You Play with Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is an online currency started in 2009 which is decentralized from any sovereign state.  An easy way to earn Bitcoin is through online gambling. Betting with Bitcoin has become the preferred choice considering the low to zero transaction fees and near to instant deposits and withdrawals. The anonymity and security of playing with Bitcoin are also factors that have contributed to its market share growth.

With the growing number of online players opting for transacting with Bitcoin many casinos have extended their currency list to include Bitcoin, it makes you wonder when if the more popular online casinos like Thrills will catch on to the trend. Regardless, some of these casinos are listed below.


Using Bitcoin on this site is a matter of selecting it from a dropdown list of currencies, and transferring funds to your wallet created on the casino’s website. As a norm, no transaction fees are charged however some merchants may charge a nominal fee in the event of priority processing. Your Bitcoin funds should be immediately available. The minimum deposit is $20 with a maximum deposit if $5000. In terms of withdrawals, the minimum is $20 and the maximum is $9500. Any deposits made via Bitcoin will result in the player receiving their withdrawal in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin may be transferred to this site using the casino address that appears once you have selected your method of payment. In terms of deposits, there are no fees charged and no limits to the number of deposits may be made. The funds should be available immediately after a deposit is made. With regards to withdrawals, no fees are charged and a withdrawal made be made once every 3 days. Your funds should be available to you one to fifteen minutes after withdrawal.


This site ensures the safety of your funds by sending them directly to an offline cold wallet. This isolates the funds from any online systems. CloudBet,s online hot wallet only contains enough funds to process a day’s transactions. A valid email address and your date of birth are all that is required to create an account. The minimum deposit required is 0.001BTC with no maximum limit. The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.001BTC, also with no maximum limit. While the site states that the funds should be instantly available, it also mentions that it may take up to twent- four hours to credit. The same applies to withdrawals.

These are just a few of the casinos that are willing to accept Bitcoin as payment with the number ever increasing as the popularity of Bitcoin rises.

CryptoGames Review

CryptoGames is an online Bitcoin casino that was established in 2014. This casino seems to score good ratings amongst players. The attraction lies with the simple registration process, as well as the conveniently placed provably fair tab.


With CryptoGames, registration is not necessary. A player may commence gambling as soon as they enter the site. You will be assigned a unique username automatically, which is saved as an internet browser cookie.


The following currencies are accepted at CryptoGames: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin. A unique wallet address will be automatically assigned that can be used for depositing funds. It is possible to reuse this wallet address for a number of transactions.

Practice Games

CryptoGames will provide you with 1000 Fun Money which will be available from your currency list. This gives you the chance to get a feel for the game without committing your own funds.


The website also functions a faucet. All that is required is clicking on the Faucet button and after solving a Captcha problem you will receive 0.00001BTC instantly. This option may be used every 10 minutes on one account or IP address.


The minimum amount for a withdrawal is 0.001BTC. Should your withdrawal amount exceed 2BTC, it may take up to three working days to process. A withdrawal commission of 0.0001BTC is charged.

House Edge

House Edge is a commission that is charged by CryptoGames. A percentage of the commission varies from game to game.


The following games are available: Dice, Minesweeper, 3-reel Slots, 5-reel Slots and Wheel of Fortune.


This game entails choosing a random number and deciding whether the random number will lower than or higher than the threshold. House Edge on this game is 1%.


This game requires a player to determine where the mines are located in a mine field. House Edge is 4%.

3-reel Slots

This is a standard 3-reel slot game with payout determined by resulting combination. It also features an auto-spin function.

5-reel Slots

This game has 20 paylines, Wild and Scattered symbols and a bonus round. It also includes an auto-spin function.

Wheel of Fortune

There are a variety of wheels available. These include the Steampunk wheel, Cyber Wheel or the Festival Wheel. Multipliers range from zero to three and are assigned to each wheel.

In conclusion, CryptoGames has a simplistic, minimalistic approach to online gaming that would surely be a comfort to those gamblers who are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of games on other sites.


Why You Should Look Out for Provably Fair Bitcoin Casinos

What does ‘provably fair’ mean?

Provably fair is a term most often used with online Bitcoin casinos. What it essentially means is that the casino is able to prove that the games are fairly run by showing that neither the player nor the casino has knowledge of the result or that any interference has taken place.

How is this achieved?

A ‘fingerprint’ may be issued to the player prior to the game starting. Certain variables are used in calculating the roll-out result. These include the serverseed (provided by the casino), the clientseed (provided by the browser and able to be adjusted) and the nonce which will increase with each bet made by you. The ‘fingerprint’ you receive before the game starts is an encrypted hash of the serverseed. As it is encrypted, you will not be able to foresee your result. This may only be achieved if you receive the unhashed serverseed after the game has been completed. Your browser will issue a random clientseed which it is advisable to adjust to ensure the casino will have no knowledge of it. As mentioned, the nonce will increase by 1 as you increase your bet. Insert these variables in the online form provided by the casino once gameplay is done and compare the results with the actual results of the game. In the event that interference has taken place or if the payout was made erroneously, the result will not be verified.

It is also possible for the player to gain access to a provability widget by clicking on the displayed provability button while gameplay is on.

Some casinos offer a second self-checking function to verify the result. This is done manually by the player.

What impact does the provably fair feature have on the casino and the player?

Casinos that are provably fair show a level of transparency that will put a player’s mind at ease. It has been claimed that certain casinos have cheated players out of their winnings by rigging the outcome of the game. By having a provably fair feature, casinos have created a relationship of mutual trust, attracting more patrons than those that have forgone this option. This technology is restricted to Bitcoin casinos. This results in these casinos maintaining a reputation for reliability and trustworthiness and being the preferred option when it comes to online gambling.


How do Bitcoin casinos work?

Bitcoin casinos have started popping up in the last few years and while initially met with some trepidation, more and more online gamblers have chosen these casinos as their sites of choice. But how does it work?


The software is at the core of it all. Bitcoin casinos use service providers such as SoftSwiss, Microgaming and, to name a few. Some of these service providers will publicize their algorithms in order to maintain a relationship of trust between the player and the casino.
Some casinos are multi-currency whilst others will only accept Bitcoins. The multi-currency sites mandate that the currency you use for your deposit will be the currency you will receive in your withdrawal.

Purchasing & Withdrawing

To begin, you must create an e-wallet. This can be done on one of the following sites: Bitcoin Core Wallet, Electrum, Multibit Wallet or Hive, to name but a few. Purchase Bitcoins, bearing in mind that the value of Bitcoins fluctuate so you may need to keep an eye on the rate.
You then sign up for an account with your preferred casino. When using Bitcoins, you are only required to provide an email address and password, thereby preserving your anonymity. Once you have done so, you may transfer funds to your casino account from your e-wallet, using the casino’s address. It may take up to 10 minutes for the funds to appear in your casino account. Some sites offer a no-deposit bonus to new players, normally in the form of free spins, which will allow you to play and determine if you’re satisfied with that particular casino without risking any of your own currency. Others provide a deposit bonus by offering a 100% or more bonus on the amount you have transferred.
Most casinos do not charge a processing fee but may have a minimum or maximum deposit requirement. The advantage here is that your funds are available to you almost instantaneously as opposed to other currencies that may take 1-3 days to clear.
Once you have played to your heart’s content and are ready to make a withdrawal, you merely ‘cash out’. The funds will be transferred to your e-wallet instantly. There are normally no processing fees for this transaction however, there may be a minimum or maximum withdrawal requirement.


In terms of security, most casinos will store your Bitcoins in a cold wallet which is encrypted and isolated from online systems. However, you should still follow the security measures prescribed by your e-wallet site.
Bitcoin casinos have endeavoured to make the registration and deposit process as painless as possible in order for the player to achieve maximum enjoyment.

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