mBit Casino Review

mBit Casino may only have been established in 2014 but they’ve already gained a good reputation in the industry and is considered a leading Bitcoin casino. They are owned by Coin Gaming LTD Casinos and hold gaming licenses from the gambling authorities in Curacao. This allows them to trade in all countries around the world with the exception of the United Kingdom and the United States. more


CloudBet Review

When you first visit the CloudBet website, you will be struck by just how vast it is. Like the dusty plains of the Wild West, this is a sprawling digital landscape with so much to explore. But, please don’t let that overwhelm you or put you off; it’s important to make sure you explore and find out as much as you can. more


Vegas Casino Review

We feel like any good casino these days needs to be open to accepting Bitcoin. Of course, there are many specific Bitcoin casinos out there. But, existing casinos need to be adaptable;e and flexible, and move with the times. And that’s why they have to make sure they are accepting cryptocurrencies. These are going to shape the future of the digital landscape, so they matter. more


SatoshiDice Review

Satoshi Dice originally started as the first Bitcoin Dice game and has since developed into an entire online casino offering a variety of Bitcoin exclusive games. Satoshi Dice is the main game of the site, of course, but there are also Satoshi Slot, which is a basic slot game involving Bitcoin symbols and wildcards, and Satoshi Circle, which is based on a Wheel of Fortune premise, as well as several other side games, including the Mammoth Slot and a secret poker game too. more

lincoln casino

Lincoln Casino Review

One of the most unique things about the elegantly designed Lincoln Casino is the fact that they happily accept the cryptocurrency Bitcoin as a form of deposit. This looks to be the way that casinos are heading as they evolve to embrace new technology, but Lincoln Casino are ahead of the curve, and so they are popular with many Bitcoin owners who want to double their stash with online gambling. more


Which Normal Casinos Let You Play with Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is an online currency started in 2009 which is decentralized from any sovereign state.  An easy way to earn Bitcoin is through online gambling. Betting with Bitcoin has become the preferred choice considering the low to zero transaction fees and near to instant deposits and withdrawals. The anonymity and security of playing with Bitcoin are also factors that have contributed to its market share growth. more


CryptoGames Review

CryptoGames is an online Bitcoin casino that was established in 2014. This casino seems to score good ratings amongst players. The attraction lies with the simple registration process, as well as the conveniently placed probably fair tab. more


Why You Should Look Out for Provably Fair Bitcoin Casinos

What does ‘provably fair’ mean?

Provably fair is a term most often used with online Bitcoin casinos. What it essentially means is that the casino is able to prove that the games are fairly run by showing that neither the player nor the casino has knowledge of the result or that any interference has taken place.



How do Bitcoin casinos work?

Bitcoin casinos have started popping up in the last few years and while initially met with some trepidation, more and more online gamblers have chosen these casinos as their sites of choice. But how does it work?


Have Fun Playing SatoshiDice

diceIf you have ever experienced the fun of playing Satoshicircle, you may be interested in the dice game they have created. SatoshiDice is one of the most popular bitcoin betting games in the industry. Since this game was introduced, it has earned a large group of loyal players who continue to come back and play almost daily. This is because this dice game requires no confirmations so players can complete transactions in the fastest time possible.
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