A Quick Look at Satoshicircle, a Simple, Straightforward Bitcoin Gambling Site

Bitcoin gambling is more popular than ever. Especially among residents of the United States, where confusing and inconvenient laws can make it hard to fund traditional online casino accounts, the virtual currency represents an easy way to get started quickly. In fact, gambling with Bitcoin can be as simple as sending a payment to a designated address and awaiting the results, with no need even to install special software or make use of a browser-based casino.

On the other hand, many people do appreciate gaming that comes with a little more in the way of frills. They are well-served, too, as plenty of site operators have put together fun, slick casino sites that accept Bitcoin naturally and simply. At Satoshi circle, for example, first-time players only need to send a deposit to a personalized address displayed prominently on the first page.

After a brief wait for the payment to receive confirmation on the Bitcoin network, players are ready to get started. The central attraction of this particular site is a simple, roulette-style wheel that gives the operation part of its name, with the other half being derived from the pseudonym of Bitcoin’s creator.

Placing a bet is as easy as could be. A number of convenient buttons allow players to easily lay down common betting amounts, and a well-designed, accurate slider control allows for the exact tailoring of bets. Once a bet has been placed, players simply need to press a large, bright button of another kind, and the wheel will be set in motion.

What happens next, of course, depends on Lady Luck. Players can lose their bets entirely, of course, or rake in several times what they put down if fortune smiles upon them. A variety of intermediary results serve to keep players from losing it all too quickly, as even getting a portion of a bet back with regularity will ease the pain of streaks of bad luck.

Fortunately, the site is very upfront about its security and legitimacy. A sophisticated check-sum system allows players to verify that previous results were not tampered with or the product of anything but true randomness, an assurance that will keep even the most skeptical gamblers happy.