Why You Should Look Out for Provably Fair Bitcoin Casinos

What does ‘provably fair’ mean?

Provably fair is a term most often used with online Bitcoin casinos. What it essentially means is that the casino is able to prove that the games are fairly run by showing that neither the player nor the casino has knowledge of the result or that any interference has taken place.

How is this achieved?

A ‘fingerprint’ may be issued to the player prior to the game starting. Certain variables are used in calculating the roll-out result. These include the serverseed (provided by the casino), the clientseed (provided by the browser and able to be adjusted) and the nonce which will increase with each bet made by you. The ‘fingerprint’ you receive before the game starts is an encrypted hash of the serverseed. As it is encrypted, you will not be able to foresee your result. This may only be achieved if you receive the unhashed serverseed after the game has been completed. Your browser will issue a random clientseed which it is advisable to adjust to ensure the casino will have no knowledge of it. As mentioned, the nonce will increase by 1 as you increase your bet. Insert these variables in the online form provided by the casino once gameplay is done and compare the results with the actual results of the game. In the event that interference has taken place or if the payout was made erroneously, the result will not be verified.

It is also possible for the player to gain access to a provability widget by clicking on the displayed provability button while gameplay is on.

Some casinos offer a second self-checking function to verify the result. This is done manually by the player.

What impact does the provably fair feature have on the casino and the player?

Casinos that are provably fair show a level of transparency that will put a player’s mind at ease. It has been claimed that certain casinos have cheated players out of their winnings by rigging the outcome of the game. By having a provably fair feature, casinos have created a relationship of mutual trust, attracting more patrons than those that have forgone this option. This technology is restricted to Bitcoin casinos. This results in these casinos maintaining a reputation for reliability and trustworthiness and being the preferred option when it comes to online gambling.