Which Normal Casinos Let You Play with Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is an online currency started in 2009 which is decentralized from any sovereign state.  An easy way to earn Bitcoin is through online gambling. Betting with Bitcoin has become the preferred choice considering the low to zero transaction fees and near to instant deposits and withdrawals. The anonymity and security of playing with Bitcoin are also factors that have contributed to its market share growth.

With the growing number of online players opting for transacting with Bitcoin many casinos have extended their currency list to include Bitcoin, it makes you wonder when if the more popular online casinos like Thrills or Vera John casino will catch on to the trend. Regardless, some of these casinos are listed below.


Using Bitcoin on this site is a matter of selecting it from a dropdown list of currencies, and transferring funds to your wallet created on the casino’s website. As a norm, no transaction fees are charged however some merchants may charge a nominal fee in the event of priority processing. Your Bitcoin funds should be immediately available. The minimum deposit is $20 with a maximum deposit if $5000. In terms of withdrawals, the minimum is $20 and the maximum is $9500. Any deposits made via Bitcoin will result in the player receiving their withdrawal in Bitcoin.


Bitcoin may be transferred to this site using the casino address that appears once you have selected your method of payment. In terms of deposits, there are no fees charged and no limits to the number of deposits may be made. The funds should be available immediately after a deposit is made. With regards to withdrawals, no fees are charged and a withdrawal made be made once every 3 days. Your funds should be available to you one to fifteen minutes after withdrawal.


This site ensures the safety of your funds by sending them directly to an offline cold wallet. This isolates the funds from any online systems. CloudBet’s online hot wallet only contains enough funds to process a day’s transactions. A valid email address and your date of birth are all that is required to create an account. The minimum deposit required is 0.001BTC with no maximum limit. The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.001BTC, also with no maximum limit. While the site states that the funds should be instantly available, it also mentions that it may take up to twenty- four hours to credit. The same applies to withdrawals.

These are just a few of the casinos that are willing to accept Bitcoin as payment with the number ever increasing as the popularity of Bitcoin rises.