Satoshi36 Casino Review

36If you are looking for a good casino site review, you have hit the jackpot here! Yep, check out the Satoshi36 Casino Review info here in this blog post to see what you think. First, you choose your numbers and bet conditions and do your thing. Players report fairness there and while small jackpots, ones that generally panned out OK overall.

My husband ran across the link when his brother in law emailed it to him. He opened an account and started playing for fun and entertainment and ended up at it all night, his first time. He then shared the link with me via a text email while I was on a work break, and wow, did I enjoy the rest of my break.

I have since shared the site with others who have enjoyed it including my sister in law who loves these types of games. She said she has enjoyed her new addiction to it, as she calls it 😉 And my mom actually spotted us both playing it the other day and jumped on board. Now she has been telling her elderly card game player girlfriends about it, and they will all be joining in soon, too, I am pretty sure.

In all, no one has reported any misuse or unfairness. And whenever anyone has needed help, support has been there the whole way. So if you are looking for a good place to play and recommend, the link above should be in your My Favorites folder.