SatoshiDice Review

Satoshi Dice originally started as the first Bitcoin Dice game and has since developed into an entire online casino offering a variety of Bitcoin exclusive games. Satoshi Dice is the main game of the site, of course, but there are also Satoshi Slot, which is a basic slot game involving Bitcoin symbols and wildcards, and Satoshi Circle, which is based on a Wheel of Fortune premise, as well as several other side games, including the Mammoth Slot and a secret poker game too.

How it all started… allegedly

There is a fun legend that the site is run off an old Nokia mobile that was found abandoned in a subway station in Tokyo. The story goes that it runs from AI technology that feeds off the ghost of the Bitcoin’s creator. It is partially this story that has helped create such a following for the site.

Bet on the Blockchain

One of the most unique parts of Satoshi Dice, (aside from the bizarre origin story!) is the ability to place bets onto the Blockchain directly, using just your Bitcoin wallet. This is in addition to the gambling site, and different people will prefer one to the other for various reasons.


Satoshi Dice games are provably fair, which is just one reason that people choose to play with Bitcoins rather than on more traditional online casinos. They also allow all users to be able to see all recent bets and rolls, and filter them via wins and loses, winning or losing streak and even rare wins (which is great to see how your life can be changed!). This transparency allows players to make the best decisions as they play and know that they are playing a fair and honest game. You are also able to play as the house which is a unique feature and adds an extra level of fun and risk to the game that other casinos do not often offer.

Leader Board

There is a public leader board, and the players at the top receive free Bitcoins regularly, which is an extra incentive to reach the top! So far, more than 4,000,000 BTC have been won on this site alone.  

Help & Support

Regarding support, players are able to access live support chat to answer any questions that they may have, and a thorough FAQ page to help guide them through the process.


For no-nonsense, transparent and provably fair betting with Bitcoins, you could do a lot worse than Satoshi Dice. The site layout and design (or lack thereof) may take a little getting use to if you are more familiar with a flashy, classic casino online, but the games are more than worth it.