Strikesapphire Casino Review

StrikeEver heard of Strikesapphire? If not, check out this Strikesapphire Casino Review to learn more, as I describe a bit of what my family has found at the site. To begin with, there are several features that others boasted about the game, and my family is new to all this. We heard there were fast transactions - deposits and withdrawals, so that sounded inspiring, as other places delayed reporting and funding your jackpot totals. Plus the site had mentioned Silver and Gold Star Membership plans which we are still checking out and asking support questions about (again, we are new to this, but enjoy options like membership programs).

Some gamers there also told us about upcoming Private Gaming Events, which sounded intriguing, as maybe we could host events, too, like for an upcoming high school reunion!

So while we check things out more and invite you back for a more detailed review, click the link above to see what you think. Use just one browser but enjoy a bunch of games there, which sounds awesome. I know another site I tried kept having us open browsers for each game, and before long, there were too many opened and not enough memory to continue (had to reboot and reopen a couple, not fun. Plus the navigation looks simple enough (we could not figure out the other site to really get around well, as it turns out). So see what you think. So far, so good here on this end for my hubby and me!