Vegas Casino Review

We feel like any good casino these days needs to be open to accepting Bitcoin. Of course, there are many specific Bitcoin casinos out there. But, existing casinos need to be adaptable;e and flexible, and move with the times. And that’s why they have to make sure they are accepting cryptocurrencies. These are going to shape the future of the digital landscape, so they matter.

Many casinos are stuck in their ways, and they don’t really like to change too much. The trouble is that the world is changing, and digital currency has come out in a big way of late. If casinos are serious about evolution and achieving the level of success and membership they want, they need to embrace Bitcoin in the way companies like Vegas Casino have.

This Bitcoin-friendly casino is one of the more stylish out there. It’s pretty new to the online gambling market, but that doesn’t alter the fact that it is still making waves. The casino has grown in popularity since 2015 and remains one of the go-to Bitcoin casinos online. Their wide range of games, coupled with awesome customer support, great payment options, and awesome promotions, make this a casino to remember.

Unfortunately, as with many Bitcoin casinos, it doesn’t seem to accept British players currently. But, all this may change as Bitcoins sphere of influence expands and grows. Their website certainly looks smart, at least, what we’ve seen of it. And it’s clear they have a sports book as well as a casino; perfect for those gamblers who love a flutter on sporting contests.

We adore the fast and simple signing up process; it doesn’t try to do anything too clever. Players can spend minimal time signing up, and this will help them to get the registration process over and done with, and focus on gaming!

The fact that the casino uses Bitcoin instead of cash does limit its demographic somewhat. But, we still reckon this is a hugely popular casino and one that will become even more successful as Bitcoin becomes more mainstream. The various bonuses here can also provide players with even more BTC for their collection. For instance, there is a Welcome Bonus of up to 1BTC, and you can enjoy a reload bonus of up to 1000 mBTC. Things like this mean people can bolster their Bitcoin investments and do wonderfully well at this great casino.

Verdict: 4.5/5